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Drabble: Perfect Little Moments
Title: Perfect Little Moments
Ten/Donna, Jack
Word Count:
Post-JE, not happy, no fluff in sight. Written for the Weekly Drabble Prompt #20 ('perfect') at doctor_donna
The BBC definitely owns the Doctor and Donna in this story. I will lay claim to the happy ever after kind :)

“She used to do this thing when we were holding hands where she’d reach over with her free hand and run her fingers up and down my arm, so softly I’m not sure she even realised she was doing it,“ he smiles sadly, taking another gulp from the glass, looking at Jack who nods at him to continue, “That‘s what I miss most, those little things, those perfect little moments…”

He stops, slipping into a melancholy silence.

“You loved her,” Jack states, simply.

“ I still do,” he swallows hard and looks away, “I don’t know how I’ll ever stop.”


I loved that, can see the scene play out in my head. But oh so very sad. :(

Oh, poor Doctor. :( such a lovely memory for him - I can see why he would remember that. And I love that Jack realized what he meant. Gorgeous, as always!

Oh yeah, Jack knew. I don't the Doctor did a good job of hiding it.


And I thought that prompt word would inspire happy fics...but I don't mind because this is perfect and I'm a sucker for fics when he confesses to Jack/Martha/anyone or when someone makes him see that.

I have a possible happy one in the works but this one wouldn't go away...thanks :)

Of course he does! Poor, poor Doctor.

Aww :'( How very heartbreaking. But beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
Poor Doctor :( Thanks so much!


Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry. I'm gonna cry.


Is pretty tho.

Awww, the wibbles....thanks though :)


Poor Doctor...

*cries a bit more*

*heart splinters into a gazillion bits* Aww, poor, poor Ten :-(

I love this.

I know, poor Ten :(

Thanks :)

*sniff!* Sad; nice, but sad.

But wonderful.
Poor Doctor. *pets him*

Aww, I know, poor Doctor :(

Thank you :)

re: Drabble: Perfect Little Moments

So very sad. I can just see and hear this.


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