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Fic: Just a Bit Unlikely (5/6)
Title: Just a Bit Unlikely (5/6)
Donna, Ten, Wilf, Sylvia
Word Count:
Her wonderful Gramps did what he always did, hugged her and said nothing, holding her until the tears subsided before taking her hand, sitting her down and asking her to tell him everything.
Disclaimer: Oh no, your honour, I would never steal other people's characters and write all kinds of fun for them. If I did, I'd at least make sure it was really good fun...
Inspired somewhat by David J. Schwartz's book, Superpowers. Set post-JE. A million thank yous to time_converges for looking it over for me :)

Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three  Chapter Four

Donna wakes up and rolls over to glance at the clock. 6.35am, far too bloody early to even think about getting up on a Saturday but there's not much point in staying in bed just to toss and turn, wide awake. She’s sick of this, quite frankly, sick of being unable to get to sleep for all the noise, the voices buzzing around her brain and then waking up a mere couple of hours after she finally does drop off, only to have to deal with the same thing all over again.

She can’t help wondering if this is some kind of twisted payback for the amount of fun she had while she could fly and she offers up a silent exchange- she’ll go back to being normal Donna, boring Donna, free from all superhuman abilities and never complain again if this one would just go away, if the noise would just stop.

The first day this one showed itself she panicked, thought that was it, thought she’d finally cracked and the white coat brigade would be on their way any minute. Then the realisation had hit her that she wasn’t hearing voices, she was hearing thoughts, the thoughts of anyone around her and she didn’t like how it made her feel like the worst kind of intruder.

She’d found herself in tears at the strangest moments, heartbroken at the sadness in some people’s thoughts, found herself angry at the selfishness and the cruelty in others. The hardest thing to deal with though is hearing the thoughts of her family because it seems that both her mum and her granddad spend far too much of their time worrying about her and it makes her feel awful. After two weeks of trying to cope with it alone, she finally broke down and cried like a little girl, ending up sobbing even harder when she tried to get a grip of herself. Her wonderful Gramps did what he always did, hugged her and said nothing, holding her until the tears subsided before taking her hand, sitting her down and asking her to tell him everything.

Giving up on any idea of more sleep, she gets out of bed, grabs her robe and heads downstairs.


Her third cup of coffee brings with it the arrival of the postman and the discovery that he’s very distracted by the fact he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend in a few short hours and he’s scared he’ll stumble over the words and make an arse of himself. Bless him, she thinks, as she smiles to herself.

“What are you sitting there grinning at this early on a Saturday morning, sweetheart?” Wilf walks in and heads for the kettle.

“Oh, nothing,” Donna replies, smiling at him, “You alright, Gramps?”

“Never mind me, you look knackered. Now, before you take offence, you’re still my beautiful girl but still,” he pauses, frowning faintly, “Not sleeping any better?”

“Not really, no,” she shakes her head, “Gramps?”

“Yes, darlin’?”

“Do you think-” she pauses, sighing, “What if this one never goes away? What if this is the one I’m stuck with? Because I don’t think I could stand this forever, I’d go mental, it’s hard enough now, constant bloody noise in my head-”

“Now, enough of that,” he sits down beside her and covers her hand with his, “Can you not figure out how to turn it on and off like you could with the other stuff?”

“I’ve tried, Gramps, I can’t do it. Whatever I try, it’s always there,” she stops and rubs her hand across her forehead, “Stop it, Gramps.”

“Stop what?” he asks, his face a picture of innocence.

“Nice try but I can hear you, remember?” she drops her hand from her head and lets it rest on his, “Please stop worrying about me. You and Mum, I feel like that’s all I do these days, is cause you too much worry.”

“We’re your family, Donna. It’s in the job description.”

“Sometimes there’s stuff going on in your head that doesn’t make sense, Gramps,” she says, looking intently at him.

“Well, you never did pay much attention as a kid when I tried to explain the finer details of cricket,” he smiles but it’s a sad smile.

“I’m serious, Gramps. I hear you- and Mum- worrying about me and I don’t know what half the stuff you’re thinking about even means but then sometimes I think I almost do, I come so, so close to remembering something,” she stops, sudden and unexpected tears welling up in her eyes, “Oh, don’t listen to me, I’m over-tired, I don’t know what I’m saying-”

“You know I’d never keep anything from you unless it was absolutely for your own good, don’t you?” he asks, his face serious, his thoughts searing into Donna’s mind so strongly she has to close her eyes to absorb them.

“Of course I do, Gramps,” she opens her eyes and fixes her gaze on him, determined to make him see that she doesn’t blame him for his reluctance to fill in the missing time, “I just can’t help wondering if all this, all this flying and invisibility and mind-reading, well, what if it’s a way somehow of giving me back what I lost?”


He stands beside the bar, keeping what he hopes is a discreet eye on the table she’s sitting at and watches, frowning slightly as she downs three glasses of wine in quick succession. Wilf had contacted him to tell him Donna had been hearing people’s thoughts for the last few weeks and that she was struggling to cope with it, having trouble sleeping and that when she’d finally told him about it, she’d broken down and sobbed. He hates this, the thought of her being unhappy, of having these strange new abilities and being unable to deal with them. He hopes he’s right about it being a result of the residual energy and that one day it will mean her memories will return without doing the damage he'd feared they would on that awful day when he’d tried to wipe them. He’d give anything for her to know what she did, how brilliant she really is, what wonderful times they had together.

Wilf said she’d told him she was going out with the girls in the hope that the alcohol might help to block out the ability, if only for one night, so the Doctor had offered to go to the pub and keep an eye on her, to step in if it looked like he might need to. This is how he now finds himself alone at the corner of the bar watching her, trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible.

She gets up from the table and wobbles slightly, grabbing a nearby table to steady herself before heading towards the bar. He slinks back and looks down, hoping she’ll just get her drinks and make her way back without spotting him. Of course he should have known he wouldn’t be so lucky and he knows before he even has to look back up that she’s staring at him. He glances up and gives her a casual wave, smiling as she narrows her eyes and moves along the bar to stand beside him.

“John Smith!” she exclaims, grinning at him, “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Yeah,” he smiles at her, noting her bright eyes and the faint pink flush high on her cheeks, “Fancy.”

“I know why you’re here,” she says, her lips forming a teasing smile as she reaches over and runs her hand down his tie, “You’re here because Gramps asked you to keep an eye on me, aren’t you?”

“Well…” he hesitates, scratching his head nervously. She's tipsy but she's not drunk enough that he can get away with lying and hoping she won't remember.

“It’s alright, I’m not going to have a go at you,” her hand stills on his chest, “I think I know why he asked you.”

“Oh well, you know. I wasn’t busy this evening anyway and I’m happy to help your granddad, he’s a good bloke and-“

“I think it’s something else,” she interrupts, barely acknowledging his babble, “I think you and me know each other, more than just you being mates with Gramps. I feel like I know you, like we were important to each other once.”

“Donna-“ he tries to speak even though he has no idea what he’s about to say but she continues before he can get any further.

“God, you probably think I’m a complete loony, sorry,” she removes her hand from where it was still resting on his chest and looks up at him, pain in her eyes that shoots straight to his hearts, “This isn’t helping, I should have known it wouldn’t, I can't bear it, I can't make it stop. I need to go home.”

“Wait,” he reaches out to grab her hand before she can get away from him and she turns back, her intense gaze locking onto his and reminding him suddenly of every experience they ever had together.

“Whatever the reason, Gramps asked you to look out for me and you did, even though I probably seem like a drunken nutter,” she stops and before he has time to respond, she leans up and kisses him firmly on the lips, smiling as she pulls away, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he nods, his head spinning as he tries not to think about what just happened, tries to keep on blocking his thoughts from her, just as he has been doing all evening, “Come on, I'll walk you home.”

“You don’t have to do that,” she shakes her head, “It’s only five minutes away, I'll be fine.”

“Your granddad would have me for breakfast if you didn’t make it home in one piece,” he smiles at her, “Humour me, yeah?”


They reach the far end of the High Road before she suddenly realises that he’s the only person since this started whose thoughts she hasn’t been able to hear, that despite the random musings of the occasional passer by this is the first time she’s managed to be with someone in weeks without having every single one of their thoughts crashing into her mind, rendering any chance of silence hopeless.

As they reach her front door, she has a sudden vision of his face in another place, another time, smiling at her just as he has been this evening and she’s more convinced than ever that she’s right about knowing him somehow, almost sure he might be the key to everything that she’s missing.

“Goodnight, Donna,” he says as she opens the door and he turns back towards the gate.

She smiles and gives a little wave in his direction before stepping inside the house and closing the door behind her leaning back and trying to ignore the slow pounding inside her head, “Goodnight, Doctor.”

Oh, you know already how much I love this chapter, but I'll tell you again. :) Poor Donna, with all those voices in her head, but she tries so hard to cope with it. And I love tipsy!Donna flirting with the Doctor and recognizing their connection even though she can't remember. And the Doctor of course can't resist spending time with her. I love it!

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Aww, bless you, I'm glad you love it, I really am :) Thank you!

Oh I love love love this chapter.

So sad, but they finally met....YAY. And she kissed him......Double YAY!

Thanks, love, I'm chuffed you love it. And yes, she did indeed throw the lips on him a tad unexpectedly :)

Oh poor Donna, that would be an awful thing to have going on.

But yay for some unexpected flirting! :D

Well, this was certainly an unexpected side-affect, but I'm glad Donna realises how important he is to her. And yay for the kissing and the drunk flirting. Too cute!

Yup, something has fallen into place and she knows he's important to her...

Thanks :)

(Deleted comment)
I strive for evil, yes :)


Aww! She's starting to remember! Yay! (I hope)

Well, we'll see, won't we....

Great, great icon, btw :)

Completely love this. Poor Donna trying to deal with the voices all on her own =( But loving the drunken flirting!

Hee, thanks, hun. Couldn't resist the drunken flirting to throw the poor Doctor off balance a bit :)

Oh I love this! Especially the last 2 words.

Thanks! Got to love a little cliff hanger...

omgosh! i cant wait for the last so excited! lol great!

If it makes you even happier, the next part won't be quite the last part. There's a little epilogue to finish it off :)

Thanks, hun, I'm so happy you're enjoying it :D

Awww! Wouldn't it be awful if she was already dead? i ahd that thought the other day...

All the noise in her head ... I'm thinking it's not so different from the noise the Doctor's mind makes. Might be a good training for the real thing if she learns how to cope with it. j/k

Next chapter tomorrow? Omg, that's already the last. I don't want this to end. Do you have to end it so early? Fancy writing another chapter?

It definitely would be good training :)

Well, tomorrow may be the final chapter but Sunday will bring the epilogue...

I am so pleased Donna seems to be coping, it must be very confusing for her though. Poor Donna.

I am just loving this story, for reals.

Aww, thanks, I'm chuffed you're loving it.

She's Donna, she can cope with anything :)

Uh oh! This can't be good, can it?

Hmm, it doesn't look it, does it...?


I love their interaction towards the end but but but but...*wibbles* You're not gonna be evil and you'll fix Donna somehow, right? Right? RIGHT?

Well, hi there ;)

Hmm, there's only the final chapter and the epilogue left to go so we'll have to see if we can fit in a fix-it...


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