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Fic: Just a Bit Unlikely (6/6)
Title: Just a Bit Unlikely (6/6)
Donna, Ten, Wilf, Sylvia
Word Count:
The hardest part is lying to Gramps, he’s always been the one she’s honest with and she hates doing this to him, hates that he’s downstairs right now worrying about the very thing that’s happening to her but she knows if she makes it through this he’ll understand.
Disclaimer: Oh no, your honour, I would never steal other people's characters and write all kinds of fun for them. If I did, I'd at least make sure it was really good fun...
Inspired somewhat by David J. Schwartz's book, Superpowers. Set post-JE. A million thank yous to time_converges for looking it over for me :)

Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five

It’s a long few days, a few days which she spends mostly in pain, an agonising headache crippling her, confining her to bed, unable to get any further than the bathroom and even then she has to lie on the bathroom floor for what feels like hours before she can make it back to bed. On the first day, when it’s little more than a dull ache, she calls work and tells them she has food poisoning, that she ate some bad fish at the weekend, she’s not sure when  she’ll be back.

Then she tells her mum the same thing because she can hear her thinking so clearly, hear her panicking that the memories might be coming back and doesn’t dare tell her she’s right, that they are coming back and she’s terrified that if she’s got this horribly wrong, she’ll die- slowly and painfully- as the memories return. If it didn't make her head feel like it might explode, she'd smile when her mum goes through the motions of telling her off for eating dodgy takeaways when she’s been out drinking, totally unaware of course that Donna can hear what she’s really thinking.

The hardest part is lying to Gramps, he’s always been the one she’s honest with and she hates doing this to him, hates that he’s downstairs right now worrying about the very thing that’s happening to her but she knows if she makes it through this he’ll understand. She hopes desperately that if it turns out that she isn't strong enough to cope with this, with her memories returning, he’ll also understand why she had to at least try.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, like tiny threads coming together to make a tapestry, she can see it all like a giant crossword in her head that will only fully make sense when it’s complete. When she finally sleeps through a whole night, waking to find the headache gone, a slow realisation presents itself. She, Donna Noble, travelled through time and space with an alien, an alien who just happens to be the most wonderful friend she’s ever had and she remembers it all. Donna Noble 1, Meta-crisis 0, she grins and heads downstairs.


Wilf sits at the dining room table, a cup of tea sitting untouched in front of him as he stares off into the distance. Donna stands for a few seconds in the doorway, smiling at the sight of the granddad she adores, before walking over to him and breaking him out of his trance.

“Donna!” he smiles at her before his face turns into a frown, “You’re going to work?”

“Yep,” she smiles at him, squeezing his shoulder as she heads for the fridge to grab some juice before she leaves.

“You’re feeling ok?”

“More than ok, Gramps,” she turns back to face him, “The headaches have gone, I can’t hear what you’re thinking and I remember everything, all of it. I travelled in space!”

“Yes, sweetheart, you did,” he smiles at the wonder in her voice, relaxing as he seems to realise that she’s ok, “Oh, and you loved it too, I didn’t half used to look forward to you coming home and telling me all about it. All those places you went to, all the things you saw and then on top of that you went and saved the universe. My little granddaughter, saving the universe, it’s bloody marvellous.”

“Well,” she shrugs casually but there’s a grin on her face and a slight blush in her cheeks that she can’t hide, “Must be in the genes, Gramps.”

“Here,” he reaches across the table and hands his mobile phone to her, “He’s in there as John Smith.”

Smiling, she gently pushes the phone back in his direction and stands up from the table, taking her glass to the sink, aware that he’s looking at her in confusion.

“Not just yet,” she says as she turns back to face his questioning gaze, “I just need…”

“Don’t be too hard on him, Donna,” Wilf says, his voice soft yet firm, “You should have seen him the day he brought you back. Devastated, he was, absolutely broken. I watched him walk away and I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so defeated. He did what he had to do, you can't blame him for that.”

“That’s not it, Gramps, not at all. I can’t wait to see him,” she smiles excitedly, “I just need to get my head around things a bit first, that’s all. I’m going to go to work, catch up with some stuff and I’ll sort it all out tonight.”

“That's my girl,” he stands and kisses her softly on the cheek, “Have a good day.”


She spends the morning wondering why she bothered coming to work at all, really. She can’t stop thinking about it all, about the last few months and everything that’s happened, about the long and empty months before that when she felt so lost and didn’t know why. Mostly though she thinks about him, about all the places he showed her, all the wonderful things, all the times they laughed and cried and bickered, the hugs and the smiles and the fun. The best time she's ever had, without a doubt.

She’s so distracted that she doesn’t notice at first that the wonky staple she’s been trying to remove from the corner of a document on her desk has cut straight into her finger until she looks down and sees the blood dripping onto the paper.

Cursing, she opens her drawer to look for a tissue, almost sure she has a box of them lurking in there and as she finds them and pulls one out she notices something strange, very strange. The cut on her finger has not only stopped bleeding but the skin is now slowly sealing back up right in front of her eyes until there isn’t a single mark to be seen, like there was never a cut there to begin with.

Could this be what all these crazy abilities were leading up to? She can’t help thinking about how, for such a short time, she was part Time Lord and she wonders if this means she’s more like the Doctor than she thought, if it means she could chop off a hand, keep it in a jar and grow a new one. Oh, she knows that’s not really how it works but she also knows how quickly Time Lords can heal, how an injury that would take weeks to heal in a human can be gone in minutes. She’s seen it, seen the Doctor cut himself and watched in awe and with more than just a little bit of envy as it healed right up and now she’s seen the very same thing in herself. Not daring to even think about what else this might mean, not letting the word ‘regeneration’ stay in her mind for more than a brief moment, she realises she needs to talk to him, needs to see him and she can’t wait any longer.

“Going to lunch,” she grabs her bag and doesn’t wait for anyone to say anything, just bolts out of the door without even a glance back.

She makes it barely seconds away from the building when there’s a loud bang, a cloud of smoke and a few seconds of screaming before total silence descends upon the street and Donna find herself thrown violently onto the ground.

Although she's never experienced it before, she knows instantly that it's a bomb, that when she looks up she's going to see complete carnage, sights no-one ever wants to see and she's surprised to find that, when she does sit up and dust herself down, her first instinct isn't to run away from it all but to run closer, to see if she can help. She wonders if this is what the Doctor feels like, completely unable to walk away when there's trouble, even if there are no guarantees he can actually help. As she picks herself up and starts to run towards the rubble of the building that was standing just moments earlier, she wonders if she's going to have to start getting used to this again, diving into unknown situations. God, she hopes so.


It feels like hours go by but she's certain it's not that long at all. The ambulances have started to arrive, there are police blocking off sections of the road but there's still confusion- people everywhere, some injured, some worse and too late for anyone to help, let alone Donna. She does what she can, keeping people calm, giving basic first aid where she can until inevitably the emergency services take over and she's asked to move away from the scene, for her own safety and so they can begin to fully assess the situation.

As she walks away, she collides with a familiar brown suit and finds herself looking into the startled brown eyes of the Doctor.

"Donna? What- what are you doing here? Are you alright? Come on, let's get you out of here," he takes her arm but she doesn't move and he frowns, "Donna?"

"You took your bloody time," she says, tired but so happy to see him that she can't stop a grin from spreading across her face, "Nothing much left to do here now, mate."

He grins back at her and takes his hand from her arm, reaching down to tangle his fingers in hers instead, saying nothing.

"Cat got your tongue now?" she asks, "Not that you've got a cat. Well, unless you got one since-oh God, you didn't replace me with a cat, did you? Tell me you're not travelling with a ginger cat called Donna-"

"There's no cat!" he interrupts, "Now, how the heck?"

He doesn't finish the question because he doesn't need to. She knows what he needs to hear from her as she squeezes his hand and they start to walk, eventually stopping to sit on a low wall further down the street, far enough away from the chaos they've just found themselves in the midst of.

"How did you know?" she asks, unable to tear her eyes away from the man who just days ago was John Smith, some bloke who was friends with her granddad.

Smiling, he pulls out the psychic paper and she laughs at what appears on it- Donna Noble 1, Meta-crisis 0.

"I hoped this meant what I really wanted it to and it obviously does," he says, "How, though?"

"Well, I can give you an educated guess combined with a fair bit of research- not sure what I'd do without the internet," she grins as she continues, "It would seem that all the residual Time Lord energy caused by the meta-crisis, while it was bouncing around my brain looking for something to do, decided that rather than frying me up with all my memories it'd show itself in other ways."

"The invisibility, the flying, all of that?"

"Yep, all of that stuff-"

"I bet you loved the flying, didn't you?" he interrupts, unable to keep the smile from his face.

"Getting to work in less than ten seconds?" she returns the smile, "Who wouldn't love that?"

"True enough," he nods, "But the memories are back now so-"

"So, while the energy was being channelled into making me a superhero," she grins, "The supressed memories-"

"The supressed memories got released gradually and because the energy had been working like crazy to give you all those abilities, you were able to remember without any damage," he finishes her sentence, an amazed look on his face.

"I reckon that's about it, yeah," she shrugs but her grip on his hand tightens just slightly.

"The universe wanted you around, Donna Noble," he says, squeezing her hand, pausing as he glances down, the look of worry on his face causing Donna to look in the same direction.

She sees that his glance has settled on her ankle where a shard of glass has embedded itself into her skin which, in all of the commotion, she somehow failed to notice.

As she looks back at him, the panic in his eyes makes her reach out and grab his arm, trying to calm him, "That's the thing I hadn't told you yet."

"Donna, we need to get that looked at, right now," he frowns, not taking in what she's saying, "There are still paramedics back there. You stay here and I'll go and get help-"

"Doctor, no," she shakes her head, "That's what I'm trying to tell you."

Releasing his hand, she leans down and pulls out the glass in one swift move, wincing slightly as the blood starts to run down the side of her leg.

"Donna!" the Doctor stands up and starts rummaging around in his pockets, bringing out various things but not the tissue he's so obviously looking for.

When he does finally drag out a large cloth handkerchief from the depths of his coat and crouches down to press it against Donna's leg, the blood has slowed and the cut looks much less angry than it did mere seconds ago. He looks up at her, surprised to see a smile on her face.

"That's what I was trying to tell you," she says as his eyes flit down again to the cut that has now all but disappeared.

"You can heal," he says simply, a vague note of awe in his voice.

"Yep, seems like you might not be the only one who can lop off a limb, bang it in a jar and grow a new one- not that I'm trying that."

"No, of course not," he agrees quickly, "So, this could mean-"

"It could mean I'm a bit freaky like you," she smiles, "No offence."

"None taken," he grins at her, "Does this mean you might, you know, want to come with me?"

"Try stopping me," she turns to him and hugs him, holding on tight for a few long, blissful seconds.

"I wouldn't dream of it," he says, hugging her back.

They pull apart and both instinctively turn back to make sure a relative calm has returned to the street behind them. When it's clear that things are under control, they get to their feet, the Doctor takes Donna's hand in his and they head silently towards the TARDIS, just like old times.

Epilogue to follow...

woohooo! everything is as it should be! YEA! and yay for epilogue =D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and that you're looking forward to the epilogue too :D


I love it! She's a freaky alien now too! :p

And she's back to (mostly) normal and they're gonna go run around the universe and....oh, I'll squee even more when I see the epilogue but I best hush for now. :D

Well, she may indeed be a bit of a freaky alien...

Thanks, hun!

Oh, now seeing Donna regenerate would be COMPLETELY freaky-deaky.

Rude and... damn, still ginger.



Looking forward to the epilogue... :D

Thank you :) Hopefully the epilogue won't disappoint :D

Yay! Donna and the Doctor in the TARDIS, just like old times.

I just love this whole story, as you well know by now, but my favorite part of this is "Donna Noble 1, Meta-crisis 0" and I can just see the Doctor's face when that turned up on his psychic paper. :)

Brilliant and perfect!

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Bless you, thanks, I'm chuffed you've enjoyed it and that you read it after you'd already been subjected to it once :D

Donna Noble=1 Meta-crisis=0

WIN, literally. I really liked this. Awaiting the epilogue.

Wonderful icon!

Thanks so much, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it :)

Woohoo! I LOL'd at the pschic paper, and at God, you didn't replace me with a cat, did you? =) And YAY for fixing of JE in awesome way! Marvellous, loved it.

And EPILOGUE! Squee!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, glad you liked it :D

I'd thought she was going to mess with his head a bit, but the message on the psychic paper was a very clever twist and the comment was so very Donna! I love the healing ability too, because it's something she'll probably need, travelling with the Doctor.

It's a shame this is nearly over, but I'm looking forward to the Epilogue!

Mess with his head, our Donna? Surely not ;)

I'm glad you're looking forward to the epilogue too, thanks!

Yay!! Freaky-alien Donna and the Doctor in the Tardis, just as it should be! :D

(Deleted comment)
There will indeed be an epilogue- tomorrow :)

Thanks, hun, I'm chuffed you liked!

This --> ^______________________^ is me.
This almost ending bar epilogue is AWESOME! I love it from Oh no I wasn't replaced by a ginger cat which just sticks in my brain as adorable and then there is so so so cool Explosion and Donna doing some help and then with the Doctor bout time and YES! This rocks!

As if he would have replaced her with a cat, eh? :)

Thanks so much. Watch out for the epilogue tomorrow...

New Layout! = Very nice!

This was awesome! I love how it ended here. Things just as they should have been, what a heart-warming tale. Me like.

Aww, thanks, I'm happy you liked it :)

awww, I'm so glad to see they're back together!!! That was a great story, I can't wait for the epilogue! :)

Thanks so much, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

The Doctor and Donna in the TARDIS as it should be, as it should be always.

Can't begin to say just how much I loved this.

Favorite line: "It could mean I'm a bit freaky like you," she smiles, "No offence."

Aww, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that you had a favourite line, that always makes me happy :)


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