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Friends Only...

All the fic is here for everyone to read, the whiny blah posts are friends only. If you want to add me, let me know and providing you don't flag up on my 'possible axe-murderer' radar, we should be fairly good to go :)

Should have got me one of these pretty banners way before now...

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Oh noes! i was your friend before and now im not *cries*

How odd! Are you now? I've just checked and your box is ticked...

yes, its fine now..i thought LJ was deleting my flist or something.

Weirdness...glad it's ok now though :)

(Deleted comment)
Hmmm, how odd....done now so hopefully that'll fix it :)

You're not the first this has happened to, hence why I set up the other account. LJ seem to be able to do nothing about it *rolls eyes*

Thanks for friending me there!

Wah, what happened? :'( Did you unfriend me or is LJ playing tricks on me?

I had lost you when you deleted your skating journal! Now I appear to have found you again....

done did a post I would really like you to see.... IT BE THE HERE

I was just wondering if there was a particular reason why you unfriended me, or if LJ is messing about again?

Grrrr, must be messing about again, I haven't touch my 'edit friends' section :/

That's a relief! LJ has been acting oddly of late. Hope you didn't mind my asking?

Not at all! I'm glad you did, it made me check my friends list and I realised a few other people had disappeared too :/

I would like to be your friend

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