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Drabble: Painted Lady
Title: Painted Lady
Word Count:
Written for the Weekly Drabble Prompt #21 ('edge') at doctor_donna
Not mine, RTD would never have allowed this kind of sap ;)

She sits on the edge of the bed, one foot on the floor, the other resting on his knee as he sits cross-legged before her. He starts to paint the first nail, his tongue peeking out in concentration and his glasses slipping slightly down his nose, reminding her again of just how much she loves him.

Eventually he looks up, grinning as he raises her foot gently, “All done.”

“Perfect,” she smiles softly, “Thank you.”

“No,“ he shakes his head and places a gentle hand on her swollen belly, the very reason she can’t reach her own toenails, “Thank you.”

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Oh, this is beautiful. Yay for the timebaby! :D

Hee, thought you might appreciate the appearance of a Time Baby-to-be :)

Thanks, I'm chuffed you liked it.

(Deleted comment)
Pregnant!Donna ftw and could Ten really say no to her wanting her toes to look pretty but being unable to reach them herself? I doubt it ;)

I'm happy you're commenting too :)

Thanks, hun!

that is to sweet ^^

mental image of Ten's concentration face, bless :)

I know, you can totally picture him, right? Bless him!

Thanks :)

Oh my god! SO wonderful! I hope we all find someone that wonderful... sigh.

Oh God, if only...

Thank you :)

Aw, so gorgeous! Love it!

(Deleted comment)
awwwww, cute!!! ♥

Aw, adorable. Yeah, I can totally see his face. :P

Can't you just? Bless him :)


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