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Drabble: First Day
Title: First Day
Word Count:
Fluff, unashamed fluff. More fluff than under the bed in a room with wooden flooring. Written for the Weekly Drabble Prompt #22 ('uniform') at doctor_donna
I own one character in this fic. The Beeb own the others.

“I’m ready!” he hears a voice and turns, his hearts melting at the sight of her.

Grey pinafore, tiny pleats around the bottom, crisp white ankle socks, shiny new shoes and two perfect pigtails adorned with blue ribbon.

“Look at you, all grown-up in your uniform,” he smiles despite the lump in his throat.

“I am all growed up, Daddy,” she nods, sitting down.

“Our baby’s going to school,” he murmurs as Donna walks in and slides her arms around him.

“Yep,” they look at their daughter, blue eyes focused intently on her cereal, “And she’s going to be brilliant.”

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Aw, she's all growed up. :) Adorable, and a perfect little scene. ♥

Thanks, hun, thought you'd appreciate the Time Tot :)

Bless! So adorable, especially the Doctor as a proud Daddy.

I know, he's such a softie :)


that made me smile ^-^
pure perfection :D

Awww, glad it made you smile- thanks :)

Of course she is! With that parentage, how could she not be? Love it!

Oh yeah, she's got the genes :)


Aww,this made me smile,and now I can't stop smiling.
The little girl sounds beautiful,and I'm sure she will be brilliant with Donna and the Doctor as her parents.
I loved the Doctor and Donna's reaction to their daughter,both of them so proud of her :)
This is the way their story should have gone,instead of the idiocy that was the end of JE.

I'm chuffed it made you smile :) And yes, how could she be anything other than beautiful and brilliant with those two as her parents? :)

I could hear this! I could hear the voices. This is so great, what a lovely moment. I can has relate.

I'm sure you can, many times over!

awww, that's so sweet!!! ♥


Like candy floss dipped in honey and rolled in sugar!!

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