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Fic: Grapefruits (1/1)
Title: Grapefruits (1/1)
Word Count:
Fluff, slightly naughty fluff. Written for the Weekly Drabble Challenge #30 (prompt word- succulent) over at doctor_donna
Well no, they're not mine, thanks for reminding me. However, when I win the lottery, they will be mine because I'm going to buy them and we're all going to live happily together in a lovely big house.
I need to thank time_converges for being sure my muse was just resting when I was convinced she'd buggered off for good and gregorypeck for unexpectedly inspiring this little fic!

She rolls over and slides her hand around his waist and as she does, she catches sight of her new underwear lying on the floor beside the bed.

“You know,” she runs a finger down his side, smiling as she feels him squirm slightly, “I have to say, I’m very impressed.”

“I should think so too, I’m worn out here,” he reaches for her hand, tangling his fingers in hers and squeezing playfully.

“No, not that,” she grins, “Well, not just that.”

“What then?” he asks, shifting slightly so he can look into her eyes.

“The underwear,” she blinks sleepily and he smiles slowly at her.

“Ah, good choice?”

“Perfect choice, actually,” she returns his smile, “I’m wondering about something though.”

“Oh yeah?” he can’t resist any longer and leans down to kiss her lightly on the lips before she can continue.

“The size. How did you know the size?” she asks, her eyes narrowing with the question.

“Oh, well, you know, I just guessed,” he shrugs and tightens his hold on her hand, running his thumb across her skin.

“You bloody well did not,” she laughs, “No offence but no male from any planet can guess at a woman’s bra size and get it right. Try again.”

“I did guess,” he hesitates, biting his bottom lip slightly, “Well, kind of. I mean, I don’t really know about those Bs and Cs and all that but I do know about fruit.“

“Fruit?” she frowns at him, “I’m probably going to wish I hadn’t asked but… fruit?“

“You know, it’s almost like a science, this ladies’ underwear stuff,” he looks so pleased with himself that she can’t help smiling, “The assistant in the shop was very helpful, gave me such simple guidelines I couldn’t possibly go wrong-”

“Back up a bit, Spaceman,” she interrupts, “Where does the fruit come into it?”

“Ah, well, I found the set I thought you’d like but I had no idea there were so many sizes- all those numbers and letters. I mean, seriously, it’s no wonder you women spend so long shopping, it’s-” he stops and glances down, an admiring look in his eyes, “Actually, I think I know now why you’re so good with numbers.”

“Oi!” she prods him in the chest, grinning.

“Believe me, Donna, that was a compliment,” he grins back, his hand moving to stroke her back.

“Glad to hear it,” she sighs, “Anyway, fruit?”

“I suppose I must have looked a bit baffled or something because this very nice and helpful shop assistant told me to close my eyes and try to decide whether the bra needed to be big enough for a couple of tiny apricots, two neat little lemons or a pair of zesty oranges,” he grins triumphantly, “Well, it was easy after that.”

“Really?” she asks, her tone uncertain, “It was oranges, wasn’t it? I’ve got a pair of zesty oranges, haven’t I?”

“Nope,” he shifts and rolls her over, smiling at her surprised squeak as his tongue darts out to tickle her chest, “I told him I was much, much luckier than that.”

“How’s that then?” he looks up at her as he answers her question.

“Not oranges, Donna,” he dips his head again, moving closer to his target and she gasps when he reaches his destination and looks up at her, “Grapefruits. Soft, sweet, succulent grapefruits.”

“Come up here,” she whispers and he slides back up her body, stopping when his face is merely a breath away from hers, “You do realise that I can never, ever go into that shop with you, don’t you?” she asks, her lips brushing gently against his.

“Oh yes,” he murmurs, “Never, not a chance, not even if it‘s the last shop in the whole universe, nope, absolutely not, never going to-”

“Doctor,” she cuts him off, smiling.

“Yeah?” he asks, his thumb stroking quickly across her cheekbone.

“You can shut up now and carry on with what you were doing,” her smile grows wider and she licks her lips.

“My pleasure,” he grins and moves slowly again down her body and as his tongue slides against her skin, he thinks something else might just have replaced the banana as his favourite fruit.


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Ooopsie, sorry to ruin your fruit salad experiences ;) Thanks though!

OH. MY. GOD. I cannot believe my bra shopping and trying to figure out my size inspired this. I may die from laughing. XD

You're never going to let me in your flat again, are you...? ;)

Yup, your shopping and our discussion about whether a certain someone had oranges or grapefruits is what did it :D

HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD. Is Elizabeth your new muse? ;D

“Actually, I think I know now why you’re so good with numbers.” & he thinks something else might just have replaced the banana as his favourite fruit. LOL IRL. The whole thing was hilarious. :DD

She may just be my new muse ;)

Thanks, hun!

HAHAHAHAHA! oh god...LOL this was awesome! *giggles* that PG rating lied..haha

YAY for your muse being back 'cos this was so delicious and worth waiting for! Blissful.

LOL! That is just priceless. Love it! :D

Aww, thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

Hahaha! Brilliant! I knew the muse was just on holiday coming up with this! :)

I love it - their easy intimacy, and of course the idea of him bra-shopping is too much! Brilliant, and perfect naughty fluff!

Thanks- and thanks for not giving up on my muse even when I kind of did!

HAHA, gosh that was so funny. I was laughing so much, tat I thought tat I was gonna wet myself. All of it was funny, well done. :D

Hee! Naughty and glorious! I love the Doctor when he's being a typical bloke.

He can't help it sometimes ;)

Thanks, hun!

hehehehe! i adore this so much! somehow both tender and hilarious at the same time

(Deleted comment)
I've missed my jottings too and was chuffed when this one came to me :)

I'm so happy you liked it :D

LOL! I am never gonna look at fruit the same way!

Excellent work.

Welcome back, Muse!! This had me giggling throughout. Great fic. I'm glad you're writing again. :)

Yup, she came out of retirement- for one night only so far but there's hope she might be tempted back out again!

Thanks :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you :) I'm happy you enjoyed it!

OMG as if I missed this!! This is what I get for evaporating from LJ, isn't it? Your muse appears to have returned with an added naughty streak, I like it :D More soon? Please? I can do bribes!

The muse was back very temporarily, she's gone back into hibernation again!

Thanks hun, I'm glad you liked it :D


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