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Fic: Once More (1/1)
Title: Once More (1/1)
Ten, Donna, Wilf
Word Count:
Little End of Time one shot dose of angst...
The End of Time- if you haven't seen it, you will be spoiled. You've been warned...
I don't own them. Yet another Christmas passes without me waking up to Donna and the Doctor wrapped up in a giant bow.
So, it seems the muse returned and she brought with her pure misery. Um yeah, sorry about that.

He sees his own weariness reflected in the eyes of the man sitting opposite him, the quiet sadness, the thinly veiled desperation and when he sees him glance away, out of the window, he knows why and his breath catches as his hearts begin to pound.

He wants to look, has to look, as much as he knows he shouldn't, and when he does, it takes all the strength he has to look away again. She's there, right there outside the door, almost close enough for him to touch, close enough to drink in her still familiar scent, to watch as she flicks her hair over her shoulder. Almost…then he hears Wilf‘s voice, his plea for her salvation and he wants to say so much.

Yes, I need her, more than I need to breathe. Yes, she would make me laugh again, she would make me happy, just as she always did. Yes, she's the reason I'm alone because she's an impossible act to follow, her shoes were simply too huge to fill. Yes, she's the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing every night, her fate my biggest regret.

Instead, as he watches her get into the car and feels his eyes filling with tears, her loss hitting him so strongly all over again, he can only nod as once more, his hearts begin to break for Donna Noble.

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This brought tears to my eyes - poor Doctor. :( Beautiful, and a perfect glimpse into his mind. Poor, poor Doctor. :(

Gorgeous. ♥

Thanks, hun, and thanks for reading it when I wasn't sure if it was awful crap or not!

(Deleted comment)
The ficlet is lovely. I love how you wrote the Doctor's thought.

That scene really made me miserable but it is one of the scenes that I am willing to watch on loop. Donna! *sob*

Thank you :)

Same here, it made me cry but it was such a gorgeous scene I can't help but rewatch!

This is lovely, lovely angst :) Love it! Aww here's wishing that Donna and the Doctor would get a happy ending. Hope you had a good Christmas!

I wish they'd get their happy ending too but it's clearly going to be terrible for both of them :(

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)

awww man :'( I was just mending my heart back together and preparing for next week but it broke again. I love this scene so much. You've written is beautifully <3

Sorry to break your heart again but thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I hate you. (But not really, of course.) ♥

Also, glad the muse returned. Give her a cookie for me!

I should think not ;)

I will indeed give her an extra cookie!

This is absolutely devastating and so bitterly close to the way the Doctor clearly feels at that moment.

Huge compliment, thank you :)

For some reason this doesn't make me sad, even though it rings so true. It feels cathartic to have his thoughts revealed like this. And I am SO GLAD your muse is back, even if she is angsty, I love your writing.

an impossible act to follow HECK YEAH

Heck yeah indeed!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it despite it lacking in any kind of happy :)

That scene was so sad and you've just added more sadness to it. Great fic. Glad your muse has returned. :)

Thank you :) And yes, it was such a sad scene :(

Aw, this was so, so heartbreaking! I loved it, though- it's very beautifully written. Great work!

I don't own them. Yet another Christmas passes without me waking up to Donna and the Doctor wrapped up in a giant bow.

*sniffers* Great story. *me finds hankie*

love your stories/drabbles, love your userpics


I know I'm late to this party, but oh, that was beautiful.

That scene always makes me want to yell, 'bugger the Ood, the prophecy, destiny, get off your skinny Time Lord arse and go and find a way to fix her and then go get her you git.'

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