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shining moment
18 June
Clare, hailing from the north of England, happily settled in the south. I eat, I work, I sleep, I worry, I obsess. In between, I read, I write, I watch crap TV. I talk too much sometimes and not enough at others, am easily bored but hard to amuse. I like to shop but I can't afford to, like pretty shoes but am crap at walking in them. I have way too many handbags, most of them full of shit I don't need.

I Love...
not necessarily in order of preference- chocolate, cake, pepsi, summer, tea, London, blue skies, books, running, Liverpool FC, my friends, my family (most of them), walking for miles, singing loudly when there's no-one around, sleeping, shoes, giraffes, Gillian Anderson, my Ten and Donna action figures, the tiny lizards they have in Australia, the word 'symposium', theatre, flip flops, peonies, taking photos, Alan Shearer (in another life, I will be his wife), mexican food, Cadbury's Creme Eggs, daffodils, watching the river, the London A-Z, crunchy leaves.

I Do Not Love...
I seriously do not love...my depression, seafood, spiders, aggressive wasps, deep water (the kind where you can't see the bottom and have no idea what might be lurking underneath), being cold, gyms, wine, rodents- I don't really like anything that I have no hope of outrunning, bullies, rudeness- I hold a door for you, you say thank you, it's not rocket science- cricket, Big Brother, bananas, people who sniff instead of blowing their noses, talking on the phone, Brussels sprouts, real person shipping- it gives me the serious heebies...,Tottenham Court Road, the alarm clock, the Northern Line.

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